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Staff PagersOn-site paging can be a tremendous asset for any healthcare facility. Whether our paging system is used to page waiting families or roaming staff, our wireless paging systems are ideal. Our products help increase efficiency, reduce overhead and maintain patient confidentiality.

We also offer an electronic survey system which allows you to create custom surveys. Data is downloaded every evening and reports are generated and faxed or email the next morning.

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family & Patient Paging

Coaster Pager

Notify family of completed procedures or notify patients that it's time for their treatment. Allows freedom from the waiting room where minutes seem like hours.

• Operating Rooms
• Radiology Departments
• Labs
• Pharmacies

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staff Paging system

Alphanumeric Pager

Instantly and discreetly page staff throughout your facility on the Pager1 alphanumeric pager.  Works from any desktop or phone in the facility.

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electronic surveys

Electronic comment Card

Gather valuable patient feedback with the Electronic Comment Card and review the results the next day. A valuable tool for service and treatment assessments that allows staff to make necessary adjustments.

> Electronic Comment Card - The Informant

Room-to-Room pushbutton paging

Pushbutton Paging

Call staff immediately with the touch of a button.  Great for professional offices such as dentists and doctors.

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