server paging system cancel panel - model t9000kc Need more information? Why Pager1?

The T9000CP Cancel Panel operates with the T9000 series server paging system transmitters. When connected to a T9000 transmitter, it requires servers to come to the kitchen and "cancel" their page. If the server doesn't cancel their page, they will automatically be re-paged until they do. If the server does not return after 3 re-pages, the T9000 will automatically page the manager with the server's pager number and a message stating, "Server 5 has not responded". Since the server should be on the floor up selling, the manager can now assist them by helping to run the food. The T9000KC Cancel Panel also allows the expeditor to page from both sides of the kitchen. It's like having 2 transmitters for the price of one.

Product Features:

  • Brushed stainless steel construction
  • Interfaces directly to T9000 transmitters
  • Can be configured back-to-back for window operation
  • Does not require a second outlet
  • Runs off T9000 power supply
  • Allows servers to be paged directly from cancel panel
  • Multiple bracket configurations
  • Can repage up to 16 servers at once.
  • Overall size: 4" x 8" x 4" deep


  • Enables features of the T9000K and T9000K-1 such as, manager page, auto-re-page.
  • Cancel panel can be mounted in several configurations to meet your needs.
  • Requires servers to acknowledge their page and return to the kitchen
  • Pages manager if food is not picked up after 3 paging attempts
  • Re-pages the server automatically if they don't pick up order right away

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